Do you want more money and abundance in your life!? 


No need to be shy about it, love! I do too! Money is a beautiful thing and we all deserve to have it. 


And after struggling with money blocks in my own life, I’m here to share with you the simplest practices that have worked to manifest so much love, joy, and abundance of all forms into my life – money included.


Here’s the thing- money is energy and flows in and out of our lives based on our capacity to receive it. 


You might be thinking, “Ummm, I’m pretty sure I’m open to receiving XYZ amount per month in my business, find my dream home, and lock down my dream partner… but it’s not happening. So what’s going on?”


The thing is- we might think we’re open to receiving all the money and abundance the Universe has to offer, but deep down, there’s something within us that contradicts that belief. 


And that’s what makes manifesting money feel really heavy and stressful. 


In order to shift into an abundant mindset and manifest the money you want, the first step is to look at the meaning and power you’re giving to money to see if it’s coming from your ego (fear/lack mentality), or your heart (trust and abundance).


If you want more money because you think it will make you feel more:


  • Successful
  • Accomplished
  • Worthy
  • Good enough
  • Safe


It won’t work.


When you need the money in order to feel a certain way, you give all your power away to your ego. This keeps you living inside your head, spinning in chaos, and unable to slow down and look at what you’re really feeling beneath the surface.


Those parts of you that feel like they need more money in order to feel worthy, accomplished, safe, etc… are actually parts of you that feel scared, rejected, and not good enough… and they are asking to be heard.


Sure- you can ignore these uncomfortable feelings and you might feel amazing when you first manifest more money. But if the energy it came from was coming from the ego, that amazing feeling (or the money) won’t last. Trust me.


The reason is because the safety, security, and feelings of worthiness you’re looking for don’t exist outside of yourself. 


They don’t happen because you have a lot of money.


Or because you have a hot husband.


Or a perfect body.


Those thoughts and beliefs are all coming from the fear based egoic mind.


The feelings you’re hoping more money actually brings you – the safety, peace, calm, flow, security, happiness – ALL the good stuff – come when you truly see that these already exist within you.


When we stop looking outward for validation through money or other things and turn inward – and actually show up for our uncomfortable feelings – this is when we naturally fall into our heart space.


This is where we remember that we are already safe, loved, supported, and worthy of abundance.


This is the space where anything and everything is possible. Including lots of money. ;)


Ok love, it’s time to get to the good stuff! 


Here are 5 ways to attract more money and abundance into your life and sustain it.


1. Check in with your ‘come from’ 


When you were thinking about attracting/generating the money, was your energy coming from your ego? 


Were you coming from a place of fear, lack, or validation? 


Or were you coming from your heart and a place of trust, surrender, and abundance? 


This is so important because since money is energy, the energy that you come from when attracting/generating it is what’s going to direct the outcome of your manifestation.


So if you’re coming from ego, fear, or lack, one of two things will happen when you manifest the money:


Either you won’t feel worthy of it so you’ll end up self-sabotaging and spend the money really quickly, ending up right back in a lack mentality.


Or the money you manifest will never be enough and you’ll continue to feel unworthy unless you have more. 


When the energy you manifest comes from the heart, there is a totally different result.


Money gets to flow into your life with ease and grace because there is no longer an attachment to it meaning you need it to feel safe or worthy enough.


2. Check in with your capacity to receive


Ask yourself on a scale of 1-10, how worthy do I feel of fully receiving money?


And it’s really important to be honest with yourself here. 


Many of us are creating from our egos without even realizing it which means on some level, we don’t actually feel worthy of receiving the money we desire. 


When we create from radical honesty, we create from our hearts instead of our egos. And then the energy we come from – remember why this is so important! ;) – is rooted in honesty, trust, and surrender. 


3. Have a morning ritual dedicated to processing your emotions.


This is my all-time favorite practice because when you carve out time for yourself each day, you give yourself permission to show up fully for yourself, process your emotions, and connect to your heart. 


From this place, you can get clear and intentional about your relationship with money and how much you want to manifest each month.


My favorite part of my morning ritual is journaling to process my emotions, to receive clarity on any blocks I’m currently experiencing. I always buy a cute journal because it gets me excited to process my thoughts each day and it’s become a practice I truly look forward to and can’t live without. I’m currently loving this journal and all the fun designs they have! 


And if you’re super curious to learn how I set up my morning so that my day aligns with my heart’s desires, I wrote an entire blog post on it that you can check out here.


4. Make Manifesting Money FUN!


When you receive money – whether it’s from your employer, a friend, a random check in the mail, it doesn’t matter – celebrate it!


Put on some music! Dance! Thank the Universe for bringing it into your life!


Have fun with it and tell the money how much you love it, how grateful and excited you are for it, and tell yourself how worthy and deserving you are of receiving it.


I also love creating a clear and concise power statement to help me manifest more money and saying it in the mirror with so much confidence and conviction that there’s no way the Universe can’t hear me! ;)


You want this statement to reflect your goal and be in the present/past tense as if it already happened.


You also want to visualize that amount of money coming to you and feel how excited you’ll be when you celebrate receiving it (because trust me love, if you do these practices, the money is on its way to you!)


An example would be: “I am so grateful and excited to manifest X amount of money each month with ease and grace.”


These practices are serious game changers when it comes to money manifestation. I’m always working on my money mindset with my own personal practices and reading books like this great read: You are a Badass at Making Money


If you want to take your money manifestation game to the next level I highly recommend this book. It’s an easy and hilarious read and will totally help you uplevel your money mindset.


5. Commit to creating from your heart as often as possible throughout the day.


This is so important when it comes to your ability to sustain the level of abundance you’re attracting in.


Your egoic mind is strong and likely has had years of programming telling you that you need money and other forms of external validation in order to feel good enough.


In order to sustain your abundant mindset, it’s so important to remember to pause as often as you can throughout the day to remind yourself that you in fact are so worthy of abundance and the life you desire.


You can ask yourself… “am I creating from my head/ego or my heart/intuition right now?” 


This question alone will help you become present and connect to your heart.


By checking in with your energy throughout the day – especially in moments of overwhelm – you’ll set yourself up to create from your heart vs your ego as much as possible.


I love talking about manifestation because I am deeply passionate about you remembering that you are worthy and deserving of the life you desire.


My hope is that these simple practices help you to manifest more money and abundance into your life by guiding you to let go of control, trust in the safety, security, and limitless power of your own heart, and surrender into how deeply supported we truly are. 


When you create and manifest from this place, this is where anything and everything becomes possible and miracles, opportunities, connections, – and of course abundance! – feel like they fall from the sky.


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