From healing myself to coaching other women.

Hi! I’m Randi Halaway – a Soul and Business Coach for women. There’s only one thing I love more than my precious pup, Koda. Empowering female entrepreneurs to step into their expansive power and achieve the abundant, fulfilling life they deserve

My journey from childhood vagabond to salon owner & entrepreneur.

I know what it’s like to overcome limiting beliefs & victim mentality. Kid-me was moved around from Canada to the USA, then state-to-state many times over.

Between transient homes, feelings of abandonment & bullying, like overhearing kids call me ugly (as an awkward child, my self-worth was limbo-low), my heart was not whole.

Amid these challenging years, I got my first glimpse into coaching at age 12, when my father took me to his personal development seminars.

It was only later, as a salon owner, that those teachings would re-appear.

After getting through high school & swapping colored pens for hair coloring #BeautySchool…

In 2001, I began hairstyling & had to figure out ALL the business shenanigans. Across the next 16 years as a stylist and then salon owner as of 2012, my work went beyond giving low lights and into coaching my employees and even clients, who’d turn to me for support during trying times. With my dad as inspiration, coaching returned.

Helping women reach fulfillment, after the self-healing I finally achieved, had become my true mission.

My purpose now as an intuitive female entrepreneur coach:

There are infinite possibilities within you. I’m here to empower you to remember who you are, shine your light and find your own unique purpose. 

Yes, my process supports you in implementing key strategies and organization within your business. The most important piece, though, is within.

I’m here to help you fall into your heart and become your most magnificent self (no apologies required).

I’m on a mission to help you LOVE yourself fully.

If you’re ready to move past overwhelm & step into your highest level of mastery in your biz + life, see how we can create magic together.

Let’s make (abundant) magic!

Together, we:

Carve out space to reflect in a way you’ve never before

Breakthrough limiting beliefs you didn’t even know existed

Stop playing small and step into the power already within you

I’m not simply cheerleading, rah-rah Randi,
I’m an abundance catalyst

While I’m here to support and cheer you on (metaphorically, I was a hula dancer…not a HS cheerleader), my main purpose is to have you dig DEEP.

Working with Randi was life changing!

She makes you feel so comfortable and able to be as open as possible with everything. It was so nice to be able to lay everything out on the table with her. She is non judgmental, compassionate, and motivating. Yet with all of our work together she was able to be stern and had all the solutions to what I was going through. She really lifted me up and after every session I felt more powerful and loved!

I think some entrepreneurs focus outwardly not inwardly and how to create the life you truly desire is to create from within first. I learned this valuable truth and many more takeaways from working with Randi that made my life so much better and successful thus far!

– Christiana Rojas

Time to get Real with Randi.

  • My biggest business crush?

    A torn tie between Rachel Hollis & Gabby Bernstein

  • Childhood hobbies?

    Playing “entrepreneur”, including a paper wrapping biz & classic lemonade stand

  • Favorite store?

    Nordstrom because they simplify the shopping experience and, let’s be real, their cafes are SO good

  • Coffee drank of choice?

    None! If caffeine didn’t make me shoot through the roof than…maybe ;)

  • Random skill?

    When living in Hawaii (11 schools by age 14!) I learned hula #GrassSkirtLife

  • Something scandalous?

    By age 14, while living in Vegas I had a fake ID…although, with my baby face, they got taken away real quick

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