How can we learn to coach ourselves through discomfort – and learn from the lessons that life gives us so we don’t have to repeat them?

By simply feeling our feelings and connecting to our hearts. 

I know this process can be uncomfortable sometimes but, you want to learn how to do it because here’s the kicker when it comes to creating a life you desire: 


If you don’t feel the feelings and release the ego patterns one of two things will likely happen. 


Either you will sabotage what you manifested because you don’t feel worthy of it (ex spend the money you just manifested super fast, or start unnecessary fights with your partner that sabotage the relationship).


Or, whatever you manifested will never feel like enough. Your ego will never feel satisfied and you’ll be stuck in a never-ending cycle of lack and feeling unworthy until you have more. And the cycle continues.


Neither of these scenarios are any fun and they don’t lead you to manifesting and sustaining your dream life.


But by processing your emotions, you’ll become connected to your heart and intuitive truth.


From a heart-centered place, you know who you truly are and that you are absolutely worthy and deserving of the life of your dreams. 


When you live a heart-centered life, anything and everything is possible. 


From this place of alignment, you’ll be able to fully receive – and sustain – the manifestations of your dreams. 


I know that digging deep and processing your feelings, emotions, and patterns isn’t the sexiest part of the manifestation process – it’s not sexy at all actually… it’s mainly just terrifying!


I know it would be way easier for me to simply tell you to think positively about what you desire and have it appear. But the thing is love… you’re already manifesting, it’s just that you’re likely creating from your ego and not your heart. 


Take a roll call on the things you think about daily and compare that with your reality.


Are you constantly worrying about money, or feel like life is hard, or are always wondering why you’re single?


Or are you constantly focusing on your blessings, what you’re grateful for, and how much you do have?


My love, I want to remind you again of how powerful you are and that you are creating in every single moment from either your ego or your heart.


Ego based created = ego based results.


Heart based creation = heart based results.


So of course it’s essential in the manifestation process to become clear on what you truly want and focus on it as much as possible… 


But it’s so much more than that. 


Understanding, feeling, and processing the ego based stories is the most important piece of the manifestation process because as soon as you start to think about all of the abundant things you desire… you can bet your ego is going to show up with stories telling you why you need to sabotage it.


When you master the law of attraction and the secret to the secret… that’s when you not only manifest the life of your dreams but you’re able to sustain it. And welcome in even more abundance from an aligned place of gratitude.


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