Does living a life of abundance, love, flow, and ease feel too good to be true? 


Does it feel like it’s just a littttttle out of your reach?


Does it feel like some parts of it are attainable but the rest isn’t possible for you?


I’m here to tell you that you can – and deserve – to have it all.


And in this blog I’m gonna share with you the key to creating a life that’s full of magic, abundance, and miracles. 


It’s actually pretty simple in theory: 


The key is deciding to make a consistent and daily effort to connect to your heart. 


Now I know what you’re thinking, this sounds like some basic af advice. 


But let me tell you – the moment this stops being cliche advice and becomes a pillar of how you live your life, the entire Universe opens up to support you to manifest the life of your dreams.  


Here’s the thing – connecting to your heart daily isn’t always an easy thing to do which is why it requires your consistent and conscious choice to do so.


Life will throw it’s inevitable curveballs, and your ego (the part of your brain that’s always trying to protect you and keep you safe) will constantly tell you stories to keep you in your comfort zone, living out the same patterns that you’re trying to change. 


Connecting to your heart means taking the time to discern what’s a story created by your ego and what’s an authentic truth and desire by your highest self. 


This isn’t always an easy thing to do because when you tune in to identify the ego stories, it often brings up a lot of uncomfortable emotions. 


But feeling these feelings is essential if you want to be free of the chaotic, harsh, ego stories that created them and instead create a life of miracles, abundance, grace, and ease. 


The truth is, your feelings aren’t trying to hurt you. They’re just trying to be seen, felt, and acknowledged so that they can be released. 


This is why it’s important to have tools that you can use when uncomfortable feelings creep up so that you can remain committed to connecting to your heart.


Whenever I notice an ego story getting in my way, I immediately grab my journal and process the emotion. You gotta let that emotion go to let the miracles flow and journaling is my go-to tool to come back into my heart space.


When you can separate from the ego stories and take action from the truth of your heart – magic happens.


When you live from the heart, you’re connected to infinite possibilities.


You remember how loved, safe, worthy, accepted, magnificent, and powerful you are.


You remember how supported you are. 


You feel safe and confident to go after the life of your dreams because you believe at your core that you’re worthy and deserving of it.


I want to share with you one of my favorite books that helped me separate from the ego stories keeping me tied to the past and anchor in the belief that I am worthy and deserving of the life I desire so you can live a life full of happiness and miracles too. 


Becoming a pro at journaling your feelings and then using the tools presented in this book to remain present and connected to the truth of my heart, opened my life to more abundance and miracles than I could ever imagine.


Again, when you live from your heart, you remember who you truly are which connects you to the infinite possibilities that are available for you.


And you deserve all of that – and more!


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