Ok love, here’s the truth about failure: if you’re open to receiving the lessons, the perceived “failure” can be one of the biggest teachers in your life and catapult you toward living the life of your dreams faster than you can ever imagine.


This blog is near and dear to my heart because I was someone who spent YEARS trying to avoid feeling like a failure. But even with a successful business and the man of my dreams (at the time!), I still wasn’t happy. I was still looking for more external validation so I wouldn’t feel like a failure. 


What I learned the hard way and what I want to talk about today is that: 


Success is an inside job.


What does success even mean anyway?


To some it could mean making a million dollars in their business. To others it could mean making 50 thousand. To others it could mean spending more time with their families. 


The point is, success is all relative to our perspective. And so is failure.


They both ultimately mean whatever you decide they mean.


So why do we put so much pressure on the idea of failure? Why are we so afraid of it?


It’s because we have given so much of our power away to what failing means about us. We have been conditioned to believe that feeling like a failure means we’re not worthy of love, abundance, success, or the life of our dreams. 


But that’s simply not true. 


The truth is that failure is just a feeling. And even though it feels super intense at times because of the perceived meaning your ego has given it – it can’t actually hurt you.


When you truly get that the part of your mind that wants to protect you is what’s creating and attaching meaning to failure and making it mean allll these negative things about you- it puts you back in the driver’s seat. 


You have taken your power back.


Your feelings are messengers that are coming up for you to acknowledge them, listen to them, and feel them. 


When you feel these uncomfortable feelings and let them flow, you let them go. And this creates space where you can call in more of what you do want.


This is a skill that takes time to master, but one of the best practices to help you with this is to cultivate a journaling practice. Here’s my process to rewire my brain from failure and transform it into success:


Step 1: Grab a cute journal and get ready to write. I’m loving this one.


Step 2: Journal on these questions:

  • How can I learn if I never fail?
  • What have I learned from this experience?
  • How can I take my power back and celebrate what I learned?
  • How can this new perspective change my life?


Step 3: Invite in a new and fresh perspective. I love using peppermint oil for this because the scent invites in fresh, clean, and new energy. 


I diffuse the oil while I’m journaling, put a couple drops on the bottoms of my feet, or simply inhale over the bottle and set the intention to invite in a new perspective.


Then I journal on the question: How can I shift the meaning I give to the word failure?


Failure is one of the most difficult human emotions to feel, so if it’s really hard for you, know that you’re not alone and it’s ok. This is a practice.


Do your best to remember that success and failure are just words and what we make them mean about ourselves is all a matter of perspective.


When you can shift your perspective on failure to see it as an opportunity for learning and growth, you start to see that there really is no such thing as failure because you’re either winning or you’re learning.


Life is happening for you and not to you. It’s all happening for your expansion so you can step into the next level version of you who truly feels worthy of the life of your dreams.


Remember how powerful you are and that what you focus on you attract more of into your life. If you focus on the “failures”, you’ll attract more experiences that validate that feeling. 


If you choose to shift your perspective and focus on celebrating the lessons as well as the wins, that’s when everything can start to change and your dream life starts to unfold in front of you.


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