Love Notes From My Amazing Clients

“There have been moments I have LITERALLY been crying on the bathroom floor, but going through the techniques Randi taught me left me with a new “you’re gonna be ok!” mindset.

The more I did the personal work, the more my business blazed forward. I have never cut so much from my business. Cut out old services. Changed my business model. Launched a podcast. Because I was feeling so rooted in myself and my heart, able to figure out exactly what I should do instead of going through so many damn to-do lists, this has transformed me in daily life AND my work.”

– Allyson Gower

“I was tired of being tired, of always reacting instead of responding. I felt lost and uninspired and burnt out. I was hoping someone could keep me accountable and help me discover what was holding me back so I could truly achieve my goals and potential.

What surprised me the most with my work with Randi is how much of the inner work is actually about staying still. A lot of the work is already inside. I’ve never felt so supported as I do with Randi. Randi is an incredible human being with a huge heart and a light that uplifts other women. With our work together I can see she genuinely wants what’s best for me, which is so refreshing. “

– Diane Javier

I love Randi’s balance of masculine and feminine energy!

“I was also attracted to how healthy and vibrant and present she is, since that’s what I’m seeking more of in my own life.

Randi’s a badass business woman who gets shit done, but she has a huge heart and is very grounded. I knew I needed someone to give me tough love in a very feminine way. And that’s exactly what she does! And her coaching flows in a very organic way. She’s always open to hearing and discussing what’s most important to you.

Having the support and accountability and expertise of a coach who has been exactly where you’re at, helps you overcome roadblocks and limiting beliefs so much faster than you would on your own.

Working with Randi I now am living more in alignment with what I truly want. I have so much more clarity on the lifestyle I want and how to design my business in a way that aligns with my true desires.”

– Meg McMillan

Working with Randi was life changing!

“She makes you feel so comfortable and able to be as open as possible with everything. It was so nice to be able to lay everything out on the table with her. She is non judgmental, compassionate, and motivating. Yet with all of our work together she was able to be stern and had all the solutions to what I was going through. She really lifted me up and after every session I felt more powerful and loved!

I think some entrepreneurs focus outwardly not inwardly and how to create the life you truly desire is to create from within first. I learned this valuable truth and many more takeaways from working with Randi that made my life so much better and successful thus far!”

– Christiana Rojas

Randi has changed my life!

“She focuses on structure and organization in business strategy but where she’s really made her mark on me is on my soul. She is extremely knowledgeable, spiritual, open, non judgmental and encouraging.

When I started working with her I was looking for direction. Confidence. Resolve. I was searching for validation in others and through coaching, I see it within myself now. It has changed, I can feel my own confidence from within and I have found direction. I feel that I’m being brought back to myself. Finally!

When you learn who you truly are, everything in your life benefits, your work, your relationships and your health.”

– Hillary Oliveira

“I love how Randi was able to decipher between what I needed between business and personal help. The sessions flowed so perfectly at what was going on in my life.

When we started I hoped to get clarity and a vision of what I wanted from the expansion of my business while keeping my own care in order. We covered soooo much and the #1 thing I took away was the importance of self-care!!

Randi is a great fit for anyone who wants to expand their business but keep themselves as a priority as well.”

– Kylee Emge