Love Notes From My Amazing Clients

“There have been moments I have LITERALLY been crying on the bathroom floor, but going through the techniques Randi taught me left me with a new “you’re gonna be ok!” mindset.

The more I did the personal work, the more my business blazed forward. I have never cut so much from my business. Cut out old services. Changed my business model. Launched a podcast. Because I was feeling so rooted in myself and my heart, able to figure out exactly what I should do instead of going through so many damn to-do lists, this has transformed me in daily life AND my work.”

– Allyson Gower

I love Randi’s balance of masculine and feminine energy!

“I was also attracted to how healthy and vibrant and present she is, since that’s what I’m seeking more of in my own life.

Randi’s a badass business woman who gets shit done, but she has a huge heart and is very grounded. I knew I needed someone to give me tough love in a very feminine way. And that’s exactly what she does! And her coaching flows in a very organic way. She’s always open to hearing and discussing what’s most important to you.

Having the support and accountability and expertise of a coach who has been exactly where you’re at, helps you overcome roadblocks and limiting beliefs so much faster than you would on your own.

Working with Randi I now am living more in alignment with what I truly want. I have so much more clarity on the lifestyle I want and how to design my business in a way that aligns with my true desires.”

– Meg McMillan

“My hope was to become more in tune with me and less reliant on the approval of others. This has happened for sure!

Randi is a great listener and makes you feel strong. She isn’t about letting you vent or wallow but rather she reminds us that we are powerful and capable of whatever we want.

Since working with Randi, I’m more aware of when I’m seeking external validation and can bring myself back to my center to realize that I already have it from within. I’m a badass and I have everything I could need internally. My heart knows; I just have to remember to listen.

– Emily Gorrie

My goal was to get into the right mindset and be more confident as a person so I could take that to my business. Confidence has been a big issue of mine and I realized it could prevent me from creating the life of my dreams.

I’m feeling more confident by recognizing that my feelings are just the meaning I give to them. I now ask myself often, “Where is this coming from?” It makes me feel a lot better in different situations and has made me a stronger person.

Randi’s guidance gave me life and the confidence to book 7 brand photoshoots during the quarantine!

If you’re ready for more guidance to freedom and happiness, this is the way!

– Kaitlyn Casso

“I used to think any time spent outside of ‘the hustle’ was time wasted from my achievements. Now I see how much time I was wasting hustling for things I didn’t actually want.”

-Chris Hjerling

I hoped to be more at peace with myself and life, to feel free. That has occurred and SO MUCH MORE. The fact that there are such simple but tangible tools in my toolbox now is surprising.

Self-love is actually the least selfish thing we could ever do. I feel so freaking powerful and have full ownership of my life.

If you are thinking of working with Randi, get ready to go through a shift you never thought was possible! Go in with any amount of effort you have! You don’t need to be “ready”. You just need to show up and see the magic that begins to happen.”

– Carissa Knapp

Working with Randi felt so divinely guided. I love how open, honest and authentic she is. I’m SO glad I did this!

I’m now able to engage with my feelings and my inner child with compassion and love. I know and trust that no matter what anyone does or doesn’t do, no matter who stays or who leaves, I’ve got me. And, I love me!

So much has shifted since working with Randi. I was able to find the self-confidence to step away from my day job, step into my dream life and launched my own coaching business! Holy crap, I can’t imagine my life if I hadn’t joined the group program.

This group is an amazing opportunity to uplevel whatever you’ve been struggling with; whether it be love, money, relationship with self or something else. It’s a beautiful platform to rise.

– Charlyn Joy

Randi has changed my life!

“She focuses on structure and organization in business strategy but where she’s really made her mark on me is on my soul. She is extremely knowledgeable, spiritual, open, non judgmental and encouraging.

When I started working with her I was looking for direction. Confidence. Resolve. I was searching for validation in others and through coaching, I see it within myself now. It has changed, I can feel my own confidence from within and I have found direction. I feel that I’m being brought back to myself. Finally!

When you learn who you truly are, everything in your life benefits, your work, your relationships and your health.”

– Hillary Oliveira

“The way that I think has changed. I’m able to process my emotions by really feeling them. I’m able to see when I’m avoiding my feelings. And I’ve learned that I truly control my destiny. I control everything I think, say, and do. I get to decide how to react in every situation. That is so powerful for me.

Before, I felt very derailed. Today, I feel like I’m setting myself up for success mentally and career-wise. My sister and best friend just saw the difference in me and now they’re both waiting in line for the program!

– Kristen Gautreaux

“Randi’s course is a beautiful way to gift yourself or anyone else who needs it. Being a busy entrepreneur and soon-to-be mom, I tend to fall off my daily routine and I love that I have this support and accountability whenever I need. Loving the course, thank you Randi!” 

-Meg McMillan

“I was tired of being tired, of always reacting instead of responding. I felt lost and uninspired and burnt out. I was hoping someone could keep me accountable and help me discover what was holding me back so I could truly achieve my goals and potential.

What surprised me the most with my work with Randi is how much of the inner work is actually about staying still. A lot of the work is already inside. I’ve never felt so supported as I do with Randi. Randi is an incredible human being with a huge heart and a light that uplifts other women. With our work together I can see she genuinely wants what’s best for me, which is so refreshing. “

– Diane Javier

“I didn’t realize how many stories I actually had about myself because over time it had just become a “part” of me. I think deep down I knew I had some demons and feelings that were trapped inside and I needed to figure out how to face them and release them.

I learned that FEELINGS ARE JUST FEELINGS! It’s okay to cry, feel sad, angry, want to punch something even if I don’t know why I’m feeling that way.

I also know now that I have the capability to accomplish what I want in my life. When I was let go from my job, I went home and told my parents “okay I’m opening my own business!” and I found my studio in 2 days! I got the lease signed and I was in the door working on remodeling, getting my licenses, etc. and I was open within a month! I MADE that happen with every piece of my being because I wanted it SO much.

I don’t usually put myself out there in group settings especially ALONE, BY MYSELF (how scary!) but with Randi and this group, I felt comfortable and safe sharing things, knowing I wouldn’t be judged.

Randi is awesome and keeps it real! She speaks her truth, shares her past, and her own stories and she really cares about her clients!”

– Meghan Magill

Working with Randi was life changing!

“She makes you feel so comfortable and able to be as open as possible with everything. It was so nice to be able to lay everything out on the table with her. She is non judgmental, compassionate, and motivating. Yet with all of our work together she was able to be stern and had all the solutions to what I was going through. She really lifted me up and after every session I felt more powerful and loved!

I think some entrepreneurs focus outwardly not inwardly and how to create the life you truly desire is to create from within first. I learned this valuable truth and many more takeaways from working with Randi that made my life so much better and successful thus far!”

– Christiana Rojas

“I feel like people don’t realize how important it is to have a set daily routine, I know I didn’t until I did Randi’s program. It’s such an easy way she breaks it down and processes it. It is so necessary. My morning routine, I now tell all my friends and family how important this is and critical in building your future and visualizing what you want. Randi helps implement all of that.

I am just so grateful for Randi and this program.”

-Taylor Barnes