Neque porro
“I love Randi’s balance of masculine and feminine energy. I was also attracted to how healthy and vibrant and present she is, since that's what I'm seeking more of in my own life.Randi’s a badass business woman who gets shit done, but she has a huge heart and is very grounded. I knew I needed someone to give me tough love in a very feminine way. And that's exactly what she does! And her coaching flows in a very organic way. She's always open to hearing and discussing what's most important to you.Having the support and accountability and expertise of a coach who has been exactly where you're at, helps you overcome roadblocks and limiting beliefs so much faster than you would on your own.Working with Randi I now am living more in alignment with what I truly want. I have so much more clarity on the lifestyle I want and how to design my business in a way that aligns with my true desires.”