After the book and movie The Secret popularized manifestation, everyone’s hot to trot on trying it out. I mean, who wouldn’t want to manifest the life of their dreams and attract more money, a dream partner, a dream home, or whatever their heart desires into their life?! 


For those of you reading who aren’t familiar with The Secret, it talks about manifestation based solely on the law of attraction. And the law of attraction basically means we manifest what we think about.


In a nutshell, the law of attraction states that negative thoughts attract negative experiences and positive thoughts attract positive experiences.


You know I’m all about manifesting the life of your dreams and I’ve talked about this many times before…


What you focus on expands! 


We are incredibly powerful and our thoughts can be our biggest asset when it comes to manifestation. 


When we know how to work with our thoughts – magic happens. When our thoughts are working against us… well… we end up creating more of what we don’t want.


According to The Secret (and many other manifestation teachers), there are 3 main steps to manifestation: 


  1. Connect with your heart and truth
  2. Get clear on what you truly desire
  3. Feel and believe as if it already happened


These are all very important steps but the thing is, there’s a missing link that not many people talk about. A ‘secret’ to The Secret if you will.


And if this missing piece isn’t addressed, it can actually block you from receiving what you’re calling in. But don’t worry love, I got you covered!


So what is this mysterious 4th step in manifestation?


What is this illusive secret to The Secret?


The secret is, you must first learn how to discern the difference between your ego stories and your intuitive truth and heart. 


Since what you focus on expands, it’s so important to become aware of whether you are creating from your ego or if you’re creating from your heart. 


Finding the differences in those stories will lead us to discover whether a thought is an ego based fear, or a real and true heart’s desire. 


This is a lot easier said than done because the ego is often really sneaky in the ways it blocks us from knowing how we actually think or feel. 


As soon as you start to think about all of the abundant things that you desire… your ego will show up with stories trying to convince you why you need to sabotage it because you aren’t good enough or why it will never be enough.


Our ego often tells us lies that we’ve been conditioned to believe are true, like we need to look a certain way, or make a certain amount of money, or have a certain type of relationship in order to feel worthy of love. 

To uncover our intuitive truth, we need to be able to process the emotions and patterns that are often hidden between the lines of the stories that the ego creates. 

To accomplish this, we have to face our fears and simply let ourselves feel our feelings. Sometimes, we subconsciously suppress our feelings – some feelings more than others depending on the ego’s level of resistance – but we have to feel the feelings in order to be free of them. 

You have to feel in order to heal, love.

Trust me, I know how scary it can be to feel your feelings, especially if you’re used to running from them or numbing them out in some way. 

Here’s a ritual I use whenever I need to go inward and process some heavy feelings:

I first cleanse my space with this sage spray to clear out stuck energy and invite in a fresh new perspective.

I journal – of course! If you’re new around here, I’m a journal queen and I talk about the benefits of journaling A LOT! I love this journal because it’s pretty and gets me excited to sit down and process my thoughts.

And lastly, I meditate to invite in space for clarity to help me process.

If you want to start processing your emotions so you can manifest the life of your dreams but are finding it hard to calm your mind, check out my free 3 minute meditation here. This is a perfect practice if you want to start your day mindfully and with power and intention.


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