Whether you’re brand new to manifesting or a seasoned pro, I’m happy you found this blog and I can’t wait to help you make your dream life a reality (and faster!) using my favorite manifestation hacks.


Because the thing is… sometimes we manifest at lightning speed and it seems like the miracles and blessings are falling from the sky right into our lives…


And other times… we hear crickets. 


When this happens, it can become easy to lose faith and start questioning whether or not the Universe heard you. Spoiler alert: the Universe is always listening, and you’ve been heard.

But if your manifestations aren’t happening as fast as you’d like or expect them to…


Here are my favorite manifestation hacks to speed up the process.


1. Remove any subconscious blocks preventing you from manifesting your dreams.


When manifesting, we often only think about the law of attraction. This law basically means that what you focus on expands and you attract more of what you focus on into your life.


Focus on the positive, you’ll have more positive experiences in your life. Focus on the negative, you’ll have more negative experiences in your life.


The thing is, if deep down in your subconscious mind something contradicts the manifestation you want to bring in, you won’t be able to manifest it – no matter how much you focus on it. 


For example, if you’re trying to manifest $10,000/month in your business or attract your soulmate but there’s a part of you that feels like you’re not worthy of that amount of money or that kind of love, then you won’t be able to manifest those outcomes because the energy of unworthiness is subconsciously blocking your heart’s desires.


True manifesting is about so much more than just the law of attraction. Removing all the subconscious blocks is arguably the most important part of the manifestation process and it’s often overlooked. 


In fact it’s so important that I wrote an entire blog about it! Check it out to learn how you can tap into and release these blocks so that you can easily and gracefully manifest all your desires. 


2. Get crystal clear on what you truly desire


You may think your intention to the Universe was super clear, but if you haven’t yet manifested your desires, it’s an invitation to reflect and become crystal clear on what you desire.


I like to journal and ask myself this question: “If ANYTHING was possible, what do I truly want?”


Not what your partner, or your kids, or society, or what your favorite influencer wants. But what do YOU really want? 


Sitting in stillness and being intentional here is really important so that you can connect to your heart. 


Answering this question can actually be really exciting and expansive and I like to turn it into a fun visioning ritual to make it really intentional. 


I recommend getting a cute journal that makes you happy (I like this one), diffusing some lavender oil to create a relaxing and safe ambiance, and getting crystal clear by writing in your journal what you want in any 3 areas of your life. 


Areas you can choose to explore are career, your relationship with yourself, your health, finances, your relationship with friends, family, or a partner, fun and recreation, charitable contribution… the list goes on and on. And on! ;)


Just pick 3 areas to start. Laser in and get clear on what YOU truly want in those areas. And watch the magic happen. 


3. Write power statements for each area as if it’s already happened.


This is one of my favorite manifestation hacks!


When you write and say these statements as if they already happened, it not only pumps you up and raises your vibration making you more of a magnet to your desires, but it also helps to remove some of those subconscious blocks I talked about earlier.


An example of a power statement you could have is: I’m so grateful to manifest $5,000 per month with grace and ease.


Write these statements in your journal everyday and bonus points if you say them out loud in front of the mirror as well. 


4. Intentionally manifest when you’re in a lucid state.


Manifesting is all about harnessing our internal power to influence our external reality and the easiest way we can access the full amount of our internal power is when we’re in a lucid state.


This is because when you’re more lucid, there are little to no subconscious blocks getting in the way of your manifestations. You are actually much clearer in this state than compared to the rest of your day, and you are also much more open to receiving your desires as well as the support needed to manifest them into your reality.


You enter into lucid states when you’re meditating, before bed, and right when you wake up.


If you can plan your manifestation practices (like the journaling for clarity exercise mentioned above) for first thing in the morning or right before bed, it adds extra fuel to the manifestation engine and can help you shift your reality much faster.


5. Have a self care ritual.


I’ve said this so many times but it’s so essential to the process of manifesting.


Having a regular and dedicated self care practice helps you ground, be more present throughout the day, and ultimately it helps you have the awareness and ability to catch limiting thoughts so you can come back to your heart and refocus on what you want to be creating in this life.


I wrote an entire blog about my self care practices and how they are an intentional part of my day and manifestation process so you can use this as a starting off point to use in your manifestation practice as well.


If you want a simple self care practice that you can easily incorporate now to help you live from the heart and manifest your desires, you can download my free journal prompts as a quick and easy way to get started.  


If your manifestations aren’t happening as fast as you’d like them to, it’s really important to remember to take the pressure off yourself (and the Universe!).


Sometimes we manifest rapidly and sometimes things take longer to materialize, but there are lessons and magic in both scenarios. 


It’s really important to let yourself off the hook, let go of perfectionism, and make the conscious and empowered choice to love and honor yourself no matter what.


This will keep you in your heart which is what will ultimately guide you into manifesting a life wilder than your wildest dreams.



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