• What you have learned so far in 2022

  • What you are ready to let go of, that is no longer serving you

  • What you want to create + manifest for the rest of 2022 from a heart- centered place

  • What self care practices will set you up for success to manifest AND sustain the life of your dreams

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“I felt so refreshed leaving Randi’s workshop. My advice – come to the workshop ready for your heart to receive!”


“I left Randi’s workshop feeling amazing and ready to set specific goals. I’d absolutely recommend this workshop to everyone. Go with an open heart!”


“This workshop was beautifully done! Connecting with like minded woman who feel self care is important is really powerful. Randi’s a self care specialist and has some really great points and perspectives to make about the importance of putting yourself first.”


“Randi’s workshop is a great way to look inside yourself and figure out what is important to you. She gives you the tools you can use to make those parts of your life shine. I left with workable power statements to use on a daily basis. So good!”


“If you want a way to find guidance within, you should 100% chat with Randi. I left her workshop feeling confident and light, knowing that I’m doing the right thing by starting my new biz.”